Published 2003-04-08

Some of you may have seen my original trailer on Newgrounds in low quality. Well, I found a few high-quality clips and pieced them together for this trailer..

I had Originally did this a few days ago and planned to upload it yesterday as a celebration of the Alloy getting a reboot. New design, new stories, everything... Unfortunately the Producer and I weren't able to agree on terms, so the trailer was supposed to be a sweet end to a new beginning, but now it's just a goodbye.

This was an Old Teaser of a Property I created over 10 years ago.

I feel I was ahead of the game in terms of using 3d cell-shaded models for a cartoon show.. Inspired by the look of Jetset radio, I had begun to realize that a completely cell-shaded show was possible for tv as well. The same results of its uses would apply here for tv. (Highly stylish look with a low cost turn out.). And now the completely cell-shaded show technique has been pretty much done to death. (spiderman, transformers, and many others have had cell-shaded shows since then.)

Speaking of Spiderman. I had the whole holding the train back with his feet on the rails idea years before Spiderman2 :3 and the slap on armor with robotic arms bit, 10 years before ironman :3 (though im sure we both were inspired by guyver)

Thanks for all the support I

I've gotten over the years from this character. He never had a show, only cameoed in a few of my flash games, and yet I got fan art and fan emails a lot.

The song is Overdrive by aaronmusslewhite