eet pizza

Published 2024-04-01

I created this game for April Fools Day :D.

Inspired from:

Are you ready to eet some pizza and some secretini?

You were sent on a mission by Eddy to eet all the pizza along with Ed before Sarah knows you ate the pizza.

Mamma Mia, thanks to @antmaster208 to coding the Repley button.

NOTE: The game is made on Mobile, so it works on Mobile :D


@ElRandomGMD - Author/Programming/Coding

@Ant - Inspiration

@DoctorStrongbad - Beta Tester

@antmaster208 - Beta Tester/Additional Code

@BendyPro12 - Beta Tester

@ethanblair - Beta Tester


TurboWarp Packager - Coding to add Newgrounds API

Scratch - Game Engine

Android - This game is made on my tablet.

iBisPaintX - Credits

Photo Editor - Thumbnail and adding the images in the credits - Adding the medals