Lumera Numbera's PUZZLE POP

Published 2024-03-25

Line up bubbles by their numbers and make 'em POP! The more the better!! Survive six increasingly puzzley stages where it becomes harder to do that aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...! You'll beat the game feeling satisfied with your mastery! Probably!



I spent A GOOD WHILE polishing this one up, man..... I KNOW it turned out pretty GREAT, so feel free to vocally compliment and agree with me because I could USE the positive reinforcement :):):).

LET ME KNOW if you think the rules ended up easy to grasp as well! I clue you in on the BASICS, but more of the advanced stuff I sort of just trust you to figure out on your own by fiddling around. Is that reasonable...? Can you do it??


• hyamarafor the Art!

Grayson Solis for the Sounds!!

• Random-storykeeperforthe Music!!!