Published 2024-03-15

Use mouse or arrow keys to navigate, solve puzzles and look for hidden treasures as you get deeper into the maze. Thankfully, there are no enemies and there are many trophies to collect, like the hidden diamond in each level! Press "Esc" to return to the Main Menu, or "]" to skip levels.

A lot of work went into this game and I hope you can enjoy it. Unfortunately, the source files got lost as it was about to get finished. These are the issues that I wish I could fix:

  • Once you reach level 20 you win, but no actual ending is shown.
  • The fps is always on display.
  • I wish the game had better music (but it turns off from the options).
  • It works with Newgrounds Player but not Ruffle.
  • The in-game trophies do work, but the game doesn't save your progress (it used to work at some point). Once you close the game, your progress is gone... and that's why I mention how to skip levels.

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