Walking Up

Published 2024-03-12

Kololololo is here. Hello Newgrounds, I worked on this simple game to get myself started in game making, hope you enjoy.

First uploaded on my itch.io, February 22, 2024. I decided to host a newgrounds mirror!

Walking Up

Simple gravity puzzle platformer. Traverse through platforms, push blocks, and solve puzzles using your gravity-defying attributes, along with other mechanics and gizmos. There are 15 chambers.

You'll control Suitbuddy, and don't get crushed!

Controls (Type A):


(You could set different Control Options for these in-game)

↑ Up Key -- Jump

→ Right Key -- Move Right

← Left Key -- Move Left

Space / ↓ Down Key -- Flip Gravity

Quickly Jump, then Flip Gravity -- Jump Flip

Press Esc / P -- Open/Close Pause Menu

Press R -- Reset Chamber

Playtesters :

♥️CaptainCainer♥️, ♥️SHAWKAT♥️, ♥️Emigo♥️


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