Published 2024-03-07

NOTE: If loading screen freezes, give it a refresh and it should be fine. If it still does not work, try one of the mirrors below.


Briefly explore the heart of The Furnace in this experiment/demo. Made in Scratch/Turbowarp.


  • Like any classic point and click adventure, click on the left or right side of the screen to move around the room.
  • When Junko's face changes, try clicking what your mouse is hovering over!
  • If the dialogue has an arrow at the end, click the text to reveal the next line. If there is no arrow, you can use the "X" to click out.


This was a short little test I put together when I had COVID in Oct. 2023. The goal? To see if I could create an old school Flash Point and Click adventure... in SCRATCH. Yes! This whole demo was done in scratch over the span of a week.

I never really finished it-- Though at the time, I had a full idea, but as I worked more and more with Scratch, the harder and harder it got to actually get this engine to do what I want. BUT! I did get a working pause, map, inventory, and navigation system working, as well as dialogue boxes--- you get the idea. The week was mostly spent making systems instead of anything story-wise.

And as I wrote more of my story, the more this game's original plan had no place. I had moved my sights elsewhere, but it felt like a waste to never get this out there. So, I took the time to add an end screen. I know there really isn't much "game" to this thing, but it was a great experiment. Hope you enjoy clicking around my first "standalone" game!


  • Long loading times and lag.
  • Facial glitches
  • Menu glitches
  • Map does not update if returning back to Junko's Chambers

Going to try and fix the poor performance if possible, it's a bit difficult working and optimizing Scratch lol....


Scratch Link