Shock Tower

Published 2024-02-06

Shock Tower

Originally made for the Games Wales Game Jam in 2021.

The mysterious Shock Towers have taken over the world! It's up to you, a rubbish defensive robot to save the world. You have to disable the power to the Shock Towers so that you can destroy them. But be careful - they aren't going to just stand around letting you get on with it!

How to Play

Firstly, you need to destroy the relay stations. You just need to get close and the attack will be automatic. Destroy a relay tower in one go for a bigger score

One the relay stations are destroyed, the tower can be destroyed in the same way

There are speed up and shield power ups to help you

Apart from that, just dodge or jump over everything else!


F10 - Full Screen


Arrow Keys - Move

Shift or Z - Jump

M = Music Volume

S = SFX Volume

ESC = Pause


Left stick - Move

Face buttons - Jump

Options - Pause

V1 - 2021 GAMES WALES JAM Entry

v1.1 - Many improvements & web version