Jeri Tower!

Published 2024-01-24

Jeri Tower 2.0! Now with music by @OwlBag, new animations, medals, and scoreboards!

CONTROLS (supports gamepads!):

  • Arrow keys to move (Or stick on a controller)
  • Z/C for primary action, X for secondary action (A/B on a controller)
  • Q to mute the music
  • Enter pauses PICO-8, allows for changing settings and such

Special Thanks:

  • @OwlBag - For learning how to make music in PICO-8 just cuz he liked the game so much. The game feels so much more complete with his contributions <3 <3 <3
  • @Bigaston - Made the one and only tutorial for using Newgrounds API with PICO-8 games.
  • @unikotoast - Makes awesome PICO-8 games, and I figured out medals by reverse-engineering their game, Witchcraft Tower Defence. Check it out sometime!
  • benwiley400 - Made the pico8-gpio-listener script that was needed to get stuff working.
  • My friends, family, Newgrounds, and anyone who has supported my artistic pursuits.


Play the original Pixel Day version over on the PICO-8 forum:


Barely finished for pixel day! Enjoy!

arrows to move. z/c for primary action, x for secondary action

Beware that the game is quite tough! But never give up, for if you try, you can do anything.

CHEAT CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!: hold S and press D and F to seek thru levels. hold s and press e to restart a level. you can't get the ending if u cheat tho