Goober Game

Published 2024-01-20

UPDATE: Daily Feature!!! Thank you guys so much for playing! I'm stoked that you've been enjoying it!

Welcome to Goober Dynamics.

Goober Dynamics is dedicated to the research and development of our future! We believe in an entirely self-sustaining world. One in which humans will have no need to work fruitless and unstimulating jobs, dedicate valuable time to survival, in fact, they won't NEED to do anything. At Goober Dynamics, we believe that we humans must be free of all burden before we can reach our true potential. Through the mastering of our cutting-edge Goober Acceleration Technology, we work to develop the workforce of the future. The foundation which will soon allow us humans to mold the world according to our truest vision.


Mouse: Aim

LMouse: Fire

LMouse (Hold + Drag Up/Down): Charge Up/Charge Down

A note from me!

Hello! It's Zane! This is my first game on Newgrounds in nearly a decade and I am so excited to be sharing this with you! Goober Game is a small game. Really, I made it out of spite after playing 'Suika Game'. I had a lot of fun playing that game, but I was angry that it cost money, so I decided to make this (hopefully way better) game for free!! Thank you to everyone who plays this. I hope you enjoy!

Performance note:

If the game is running slowly/laggy, try setting the graphics quality to 'low' from the in-game options! That should fix it.

If the physics are buggin' out, unfortunately that can't really be helped. Higher monitor refresh rate = better physics. I wish it didn't have to be that way :(

Also, I may be adding new stuff to the game over time depending on its reception. I hope you like it!