Christmas, more like Tankmas-Newgrounds anime shorts-[VHS]-{sub}

Published 2023-12-25
(Now featuring a new voice actor for Larry the little freakin knight, voiced by RadicalRonik, the devloper for an upcoming game called Ravage Fist, wich one of their characters appeared here)

The Tankmen and friends will wish you guys a Merry Tankmas and a Happy New Year, like the song says :D

Hope you the best wishes for the upcoming year, 2024, I'm wondering how the future's gonna have us now lol

Merry Tankmas everyone!

PD: Ye ik i forgor some other NG characters, it's cause the shot was full, and also cause it was too heavy when animating the second and last shot, i planned to put them actually XD, imagine they're actually there lol, well enjoy Tankmas and New Year :3

Youtube version