Marelza's Cauldron

Published 2023-10-30

*Players making high score attempts: Please be aware, some cases have been reported of the leaderboard sometimes not being updated with players' most recent scores.


Move: Arrow keys/WASD

Shoot: Space/ZXCVBNM

Also touch and gamepad compatible


Shooting ghosts with a magic spell traps them in a bubble. Touch bubbled ghosts to gather and lure them to the cauldron; get more points for bringing more in at one time. Shoot everything!


It's the witching hour; Marelza's favorite time to brew potions in her cauldron. But the creatures of the night are becoming restless and hostile. She needs to keep them at bay! Some unlucky ones may even become ingredients in her brew.


Game design, programming, and art by @tydaze

Music by Ted Kerr and Skrjablin, used under CC0.