Kirby Star Allies Party!

Published 2023-06-27

Old animation from 2018, I always loved how this one turned out and its kinda special to me cause my mom used to like this animation a lot, she recently passed away from cancer, the thing is she always was scared of me choosing becoming an artist for a living cause you know it can be really hard.

But she always liked this animation and she used to watch it a lot a lot of times, I actually think she really thought if she played it tons of time on youtube I would earn more money xD, she really wanted me to become succesful, I miss her so much, I remember she liked a lot in this animation how the Waddle Doo gets sad and then Driblee cheers him up, I also remember she said she loved the backgrounds and like the shapes of grass and bushes and how it becomes night, I also remember she said like why is video so short but I was like "uh it takes a while to animate that" xD, but she meant like she wanted to see more.

I always had this fear of her not liking what I did... I now realize I think she always liked it, I regret not sharing with her more of what I drew, I now realize she didn't really probably knew how to check out all the stuff I draw and I kinda spent most of the time alone in my room so she probably saw like 20% of what I usually do, for anyone reading this I encourage you to share more your art and what you love with your parents cause I fell into a weird belief like she didn't care about what I loved and now I realize she actually cared but she just didn't get to know or see as much and I didn't show her either, sorry if this description got too off topic but I really felt like talking about this

Hope you love the animation too.