Castle Crashers OVA 3-A Freeze Resurection-{VHSAnime}-[sub]

Published 2023-06-25

Here you have it, new Castle Crashers OVA, and this time is a little longer that you've been expecting, but well, been trough a lot of improvements lately for my lastest OVAs like this one, tnx for all the support to the Newgrounds community

And very special thanks to the people who participated for the VA cast of CC OVA 3:

@Nezu0911 (btw Nezu also helped me putting the new OVA's title) @RadicalRonik@VoicesByCorey

special note: there's a postcredits scene where you can see a surprise character, enjoy it :D

I also made a back cover for this, also giving memories of the previous OVAs, enjoy


And a clean version of the tumbnail's art :D


Youtube version