Bundle Beeline

Published 2023-05-09

Help Bundle deliver packages throughout the city in this cute n' arcadey mail-em-up'! But be careful, as the shift continues, expected delivery times will speed up... and don't forget to keep the packages safe!

Note: This is the post-jam version, it has an option to switch to the jam version. The post-jam version fixes a lot of the movement, has slightly tighter deadlines, and allows enemies to target Bundle. And no we never got around to implementing a settings menu, but you can press +/- to change volume!

This game's movement/glitches are being tweaked/fixed, check below for newest update notes 🔧

🕹️ Ludum Dare Page



Z - Confirm / Jump 🥾

X - Pick Up / Throw 📦➡️

R - Quick Restart 🔃

🎮 Supports Gamepad 🎮

v1.02 Changes 🔧

  • Bundle can now DI when getting hit (press directions to influence the direction she goes)
  • Bundle now drops packages when hit
  • Medals hopefully fixed
  • Control buffer glitch fixed
  • The squirrel lost their contact lenses
  • You can now pickup midair
  • You can now pickup packages from farther away

v1.01 Changes 🔧

  • Timer is more forgiving in Post Jam
  • Control tightness improved, control buffer added for Jump/Grab/Throw
  • Money medal glitch fixed




Squidly [Twitter]


THC Gourami (+Animation) [Twitter]

QuoIsEternal (+Concept Art) [Twitter]

Looloopaa [Twitter]


Mason Lieberman [Twitter]


Tyler Gonelli [Twitter]

HitHarder [Twitter]