Boxbrawl Delivery

Published 2023-05-01


Welcome to Boxbrawl Delivery! Run n' jump, grab n' go, and haul n' brawl with the best delivery service in the business!

Take the role of Carter, deliveryman for Zaplift, aiming to satisfy the town and score a good tip! With plenty of pests running amok (and with your co-worker Carrie watching over the inventory), it's up to you to ensure your customers get their goods in one piece! Can you deliver on your promises, or will your customers' ratings say otherwise?


Move - Arrow Keys or WASD

Jump - Z or K

Throw - X or J

Pause - Enter


  • Aim with up or down before throwing
  • Throw boxes at enemies to stun them
  • Deliver a box while enemies are stunned for more points
  • Avoid letting boxes hit the floor from too high or from reckless throwing
  • Getting hit drops your box and subtracts 15 seconds from the timer
  • Lose a chance if the box is destroyed, time reaches zero or your ratings are too low
  • Extra chance at $500 and $1000

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