Published 2023-04-29

My junior year film at CCS.

This was my first time making an animated short film, and overall, I'm happy with it. I was well aware of the risks of being too ambitious with a project like this, but even with that foresight, I feel like I ended up biting off a bit more than I could comfortably chew. I got spread pretty thin and I feel like the quality of the art, animation, and writing suffered a little from it. Not to say I'm not happy with it, but I know I could do better. There are things I'd do differently or build upon further or polish a bit more given the time to do so, but under the circumstances I'm very pleased I was able to push through and deliver something this substantial. Really happy to have it under my belt, and it makes me so excited to start working on my senior film, it's gonna look awesome, I hope you look forward to it.