The Kaiju is My Childhood Friend

Published 2023-04-29

A high schooler's life takes a crazy turn when he is reunited with his childhood friend who, occasionally, turns into a 300-ft tall kaiju.

The Kaiju is My Childhood Friend is a kinetic-novel slice-of-life romcom. You play as the beleaguered childhood friend of Akai Juu, an awkward girl with a strange condition that causes her to turn into a kaiju when she is emotional. The game is composed of a variety of short, simple minigames that intersperse story segments. Being tasked with helping to cure "Kaiju-chan", you must ensure that she doesn't stress herself too much lest she resorts to plan B: the destruction of the entire city.


Arrow Keys to move

Z/Space/Enter to interact or select

X/Esc to cancel or open pause menu

Estimated length: ~20 minutes

This game is originally made for Kaijujam 2 in

Art, story and direction by Marckel

Game programming by ReimHarbert


- MOGHunter

- Yanfly Engine

- TSR, The Northern Frog

- SumRdmDde


- Mjshi