Stranded on a Deserted Island

Published 2023-02-28


You are stranded on a deserted island and you gotta find a way to escape it.

Do it by dragging cards into other cards to find new resources and puzzle your way out!

Controls / Gameplay:

Click or touch and drag cards into other cards. Once a card is selected and has valid other cards inside it, you can press the button in the popup to do an interaction and get new cards.

Get off the island to win the game.

Dev notes:

A few weeks ago I decided to spend a weekend making a simple game on my own so that I can finally upload something here and get my indie game making adventure started.

So I made a minimum viable product game on the weekend and spent the next few weeks polishing and adding content until it was all neatly playable from beginning to end.

It has been fun and is getting me hyped to make some more simple games like this :D

Game was made in Godot 3.5, all the art was made in Krita (except for base background images I got off Google, then edited) and the sound effects come from an old GameDev Market RPG Humble Bundle.

Feel free to leave any feedback in case you run into issues or have suggestions for future improvements. I may make some more card like games with similar mechanics in the future.