Published 2023-02-25



With only six seconds until your demise, race through a random selection of over 150 brutal levels to see how long you can delay your square friends inevitable death...

And compete on the scoreboard to see how many points you can get!

(You must be signed in to place on the scoreboard)


(P.S. You can hit escape at any time to go to the main menu!)

(You can also hit "~" to toggle fullscreen!)

Huge thanks to Lemmy for helping out with all the music! Absolute legend.

Itch.io Mirror with downloadable version

This game took a lot of work to put together so I hope yall enjoy :)

I'm gonna take a short break from game devin' to work on some cool art and collect my thoughts on what my next project is gonna be. I've got some ideas I'd like to flesh out.

Thanks for the support everyone!