The Time I Was Stranded in Some Planet

Published 2023-02-22

UPDATE: The ending sequence is 100% fixed now! There was a bug while checking for the player death count, if was within the range of 4 and 8, the ending wouldn't trigger. Should work for all browsers.

Your ship has crashed in some planet you've never been to, and it's completely destroyed, rebuild it piece by piece, gradually unlocking its full power, and get the hell out!

Press F to toggle fullscreen. 

If something feels iffy or not to your liking, feel free to leave a review! Feedback is welcome and likely to be integrated into a game update!


Fonts used:

Music used:

SFX were made using jsfxr

Sprites were made using Aseprite

The game was made using Godot

Huge thanks to, a lot of the palettes used were chosen from there!