Squargon Adventures 0.25

Published 2023-02-20

This is the project i was doing, it's still buggy and has some wonky collision, but it's playable, (made in scratch)

still this is the best i could do, i will make the game however in a diferent programing engine, still it's still in devolopment

not going to say when i will post, cuz it will take a long time.

(not a good programer however)

bugs: if you die the music wil be gone after it ends, cliping through walls/rooms on the hit recoil, bosses don't have collision after the first hit.


Arrow keys: move around

Spacebar and up key: jump

Down Key: crouch

X key: Fire

So here is the Game, you control a character named squargon, and you have to help him defeat some robots, avoid lava, getting crushed or defeated, in a plataformer style, Squargon was suposed to have a laser power up, but i couldn't find a way to work, still there is some secrets there and there, in the end stage you can go to right, or left, right is the hallway of danger, and the other way, mechanics i wanted to add, but i couldn't find a way to do it, and the goal

Still i hope you all enjoy it

Plus: Special thanks for Pixel on Trigonmeary's boss (about how the boss should be)