A Halloween Cat-Tastrophe

Published 2022-10-26

Are you ready to help these Catgirls, Velvet and Minky, make a Potion of Our Devotion to turn their Warlock back from a cat so he can seal the Demon up before Halloween is over?! Did you stop at Catgirls? Of course you did. In A Halloween Cat-Tastrophe, you’ll play Seven Spooky Short Puzzle Levels where you clear special Virtue pieces by clearing away the normal potion pieces.


A Key/D-Pad Left/Left Screen Touch - Move piece left

D Key/D-Pad Right/Right Screen Touch - Move piece right

S Key/D-Pad Down - Rapid piece fall

J Key/A (X) Button/Center Screen Touch - Turn piece counterclockwise

K Key/B (O) Button - Turn piece clockwise

5 Key/Select (Share) Button - Reset current puzzle

3 Key - Disable Joystick

M Key - (cycle) Mute music/Mute SFX/Mute All/Restore Sound

F Key - Request Fullscreen on some mobile devices


Engine/Program: harry_lime

Music: DJ Hughdroponics

Minky VA: @Mamath

Animation/Art/Design/Story/Velvet VA: Kittyhawk

Bando's Bug Buster: @freaks-heart

Popping SFX: SpaceMetalFerrari248

Fonts Used: Acadian, Josefin Sans, League Spartan

Happy Halloween!