Rainy Day: Pixel Art Edition

Published 2022-08-28

remastered version of Rainy Day created for the Gamedev.js Jam 2021.

Rainy Day is an Adventure Game telling the story of a young girl and her ghost dog. Discover the girls past and the meaning of this mysterious place where she woke up. Solve puzzles, find and collect memories concerning her past during this rainy day on This and the other side. Signs are everywhere, try not to miss them.

The upgraded version features:

  • new Pixel Art graphic style
  • gameplay improvements ( improved collisions, additional support Dialogs, etc.)
  • additional graphic effects (mist, better crossing effect, etc.)
  • new and improved audio

The game does not save your progress.

Key 'p' - Graphics Quality Change

Custom Engine FROSTengine (JS, HTML5)