Kill-BOI 9000

Published 2022-08-24
  • Move with WASD, 
  • bring Hearts to your Kill-BOI,
  • select upgrades with WASD, confirm upgrade with Space or by clicking on them.

Devlog for this game:

Changelog v0.2.2:

  • added Hard Mode
  • added Katana collectible
  • replaced "Tractor Beam" upgrade with "Healing Friendship"
  • improved stick
  • drones do more damage
  • added meta progression heart refund button
  • fixed crash when starting single player after playing 2 player mode
  • reduced slowdown when carrying hearts
  • Kill-BOI now damages enemies when rolling over them

Made by PlayWithFurcifer with Godot Engine!


Godot Engine - - MIT License:

Music by Fabian Gremper (

"Radio Newsman Regular" Font by Shara Weber (