Reel Deep

Published 2022-06-16

How to Play:

On the way down your hook will collect everything it touches. Once the hook is full, you start going back up! On the way up, anything you touch will knock something off! Whatever makes it with you to the top will be sold. Use the money to buy upgrades in the shop and go Reel Deep! You win the game by retrieving the treasure chest at the bottom of the sea.


  • Mouse to navigate menus
  • Arrows | WASD to move
  • Space to use repellent (must purchase first)
  • R to abandon a run


  • The deeper you go, the harder it is to come back up with your loot! Buy some upgrades before going too deep
  • Fish only start chasing you if you're in front of them
  • Your progress is saved! Come back later if you need a break
  • The clownfish are from Dark Souls


Update 1.2:

  • Added an options menu for volume, fullscreen, and reset
  • "Getting Schooled" medal now requires seven fish instead of ten. To all the players who managed to get the medal before: you get extra bragging rights
  • Selling fish, rocks, and treasure is now much faster
  • You can now abandon a run by pressing R