Your Audience Is Watching | Nothing Unusual

Published 2022-03-29

Chapter 1 was an introduction to the characters of #NothingUnusual

Chapter 2 will be an introduction to the WORLD of Nothing Unusual...

In Japan, Rokurokubi are known to be like Vampires. They're known to be dangerous Yōkais for committing horrible deeds. Except for one. Asumi Mayako -- Born a Rokurokubi, now lives a normal life with Karita Dere. Twelve years have passed since Asumi was found in the trash can, and things have been a little complex since Karita and her family decided to adopt Asumi. Asumi still feels worried about what would happen If people found out she's a rokurokubi. However, things get complicated when Asumi's mother, Khayme Mayako is slowly crawling back into her life. Not just that - Asumi's worries and nightmares become a reality as a reunion between Yokai's and humans have begun. Experience an animated trip starring a Rokurokubi with a heart of gold! NOTHING UNUSUAL stars Ribz and Lilyvee as Asumi Mayako and Karita Dere, ATvTy as Awa Mizu, Jenna Long as Khayme Mayako, and TenWise as Otosan.

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