Nothing Unusual - CHAPTER 1/3

Published 2022-03-20

In Japan, Rokurokubi are known to be like Vampires. They're known to be dangerous Yōkais for committing horrible deeds. Except for one. Asumi Mayako -- Born a Rokurokubi, now lives a normal life with Karita Dere. Twelve years have passed since Asumi was found in the trash can, and things have been a little complex since Karita and her family decided to adopt Asumi. Asumi still feels worried about what would happen If people found out she's a rokurokubi. However, things get complicated when Asumi's mother, Khayme Mayako is slowly crawling back into her life. Not just that - Asumi's worries and nightmares become a reality as a reunion between Yokai's and humans have begun. Experience an animated trip starring a Rokurokubi with a heart of gold! NOTHING UNUSUAL stars Ribz and Lilyvee as Asumi Mayako and Karita Dere, ATvTy as Awa Mizu, Jenna Long as Khayme Mayako, and TenWise as Otosan. #NothingUnusual

Music Composed by Dishwasher Safe

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