Save the Night

Published 2022-07-19

The dark wizard plans to take the essence of the land's 5 royals to bring an age of darkness. When evil arrives, who will save the night?

Happy Pixel day.

I wanted to try mixing sprite sections in with my animation similar to Bit by Bit but more cohesive. I kind of have a better feel for the kind of stuff I can pull off with this if I plan better.


This was something I wanted to complete for a while now. The original plan was to make this for the last Pixel day, but due to a lot of personal reasons in order to finish it in time, I would have had to cut it in half and do a lot of shots in a less satisfying way. It made me just decide to abandon the whole thing. However, after a lot of time away from it, I was able to find enough mental ducktape to finish it.

Like always with these things, I wish I planned my time better so I can do have time to go in and fix all the things that bother me/ avoid last-minute rushing, but one day I'll succeed.

But at least this got done, regardless of what flaws are still baked in..