Published 2021-01-31

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Up / W / Space : Jump (Single, Double and Kick!)

Arrows / WASD : Move

Z / K : Run

Seven is a simplistic, Groovy platformer where you run around tight stages in order to collect all 3 fruits in each stage while racing against the clock! With easy to learn yet hard to master controls and finely tuned levels, you'll be able to race around levels at break-neck speeds!!!

Play in Zen Mode where you choose any level you wanna play and try to beat personal best times and find all 10 rings hidden throughout each stage! Perfect gamemode in order to practice for...

Speedrunner Mode! This gamemode pins you against the entire newgrounds community! Play through all 7 stages back-to-back while trying to take the number 1 spot on the time leaderboard! (Note : Posted times are calculated by adding up each level time during a run and converted to milliseconds, which then get posted to Newgrounds. These times may not be 100% accurate! If you want more accurate times, try using 3rd party timers and recordings of your runs! Post them where you deem fit! And please send me them as I'd love to see them!)

Want to post your speedruns somewhere besides Newgrounds? You can post them on the page for them! Click here to check it out!

Also! Feel Free to join the official Seven Discord Server, it was made by members of the speedrunning community and is backed by me :)