Published 2020-11-24

Use mouse or touch screen to play.

Tap objects to interact with them.

Drag and drop inventory items to use them.

In game keys:

S - Subtitles on/off

T - Transitions on/off


-Your inventory is at the bottom of the screen.

-You can only interact with things that glow when your mouse pointer hovers over them.

-Try dragging items you've collected onto different things.

Stuck? [Spoilers]

-Click here for the Hexplore help forum

-Take a closer look at the bookcase.

-Try using the sword on something that is jammed and something you can't reach.

-Don't know the password? Keep guessing a few times in a row.

-How do you clean the cup? In the kitchen sink of course.

-Haven't found it? Keep an eye on that drone.

Also try the Itch version.