Published 2020-08-19

STLTHSCPE is an easy to learn, but tough to master score-based speed game where all you have to do is reach the Portal at the end of each Stage. Simple, right? With mines, rockets, and doppelgangers trying to kill you in each stage it's a lot harder than you'd be lead to believe.

Arrow Keys - Move

X - Retry

Z/C - Continue

This is a PICO-8 Demake of my game Stealthscape. The demake was made in less than a week and has been ported into Stealthscape with full Steam Leaderboard support. This project is entirely open-source and available to modify to your hearts content as long as you have PICO-8. Find the cartridge here!

Feedback is greatly appreciated! I read any and all feedback and will update the game accordingly :)