Published 2020-04-23

Birds! I love that NG has a music-video section now.

Ill be sure

I am back after having a few weeks off the internet, with a frantic frenetic track sung by some derpy birds! :D Its been a hard time for me lately, but I'm starting to get back into the groove again. The whole pandemic situation is not helping either. I hope everyone out there and their loved ones are safe! Stay clean and stay inside.

I started working on this happy track 6 years ago, and it was originally going to just be a quick upload with a simple picture. But I could not shake the image in my mind that the different synths in the song was sung by some derpy looking birds. So I had to make it a reality! It took a long while to figure out exactly how I should go about it, but I decided to just wing it (hurrhurr) in the end. I am happy with the result finally! I spent ages mixing this track so everything would sound clean, and almost as long connecting every little part of every bird to separately rendered audio-tracks. Hope this will cheer some of you up in this season of uncertainty! :)