64 Bits - Paper Zelda (A Crafted Parody)

Published 2020-04-01

Paper Mario... But it's Zelda!!

This should keep you going while we wait for a new Paper Mario and Breath of the Wild 2!

We put SO much love in this! And no sadly it's not a real game and it probably never will be (Nintendo, please take notes though!!) BUT you can still send it to your friends pretending it's real on April Fools ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We put in many different scenes from many different The Legend of Zelda games and from a lot of our favorite moments! Let us know your favorite one.

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Video by:

Niels Beekes, Ryan van der Gouw & Niels Koper

Awesome Animators/Designers:

Tyka Beumers: https://www.instagram.com/tikachuu07

Bo van Gemert: https://twitter.com/DefinitelyNami

Awesome interns:

Menno Hageman: https://twitter.com/Astroidtbh

Tim van den Berg: https://twitter.com/TimDrawsStuff

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