Dungeon Randomizer

Published 2019-03-14

Note: the game will not work with Internet Explorer or mobile devices. If using Edge, the cursor might not appear.

Keyboard Controls:
-Enter to start new game (title screen) or to accept a prompt
-Arrow keys to move
-WASD or shift+arrow keys to move the camera
-Q and E to change zoom
-C to re-center the camera
-H to open hints
-Space or Escape to cancel / close prompts

You're the brave hero. You must find your heroic gear then defeat the dark lord.

The dungeon layout never changes, but item locations are different every single time! Every play-through is a unique experience.

Inspired by the recent wave of game randomizers.

The game features global leaderboards. Carefully plan out your moves and compete for the lowest score, or race through the dungeon and compete for the fastest time.