Rad (Equal to Rad)

Published 2019-01-23

For last years entry and the first part to this

I really thought id have enough time to do this with when I started, yet i still ended up running out of time like the first one...maybe its the raddishes curse. Ther first just had a weak ending to me, but this one has bits thrown all thoughout.

Overall I think I'm less satisfied with this one overall, but oh well. I can always make the final one better.

I had an ok narrative in mind, but i think i excecuted it poorly in the first one, which i feel hurt this one a bit more.

Eithr way, I'm glad i can be done with this.

I would link to al my other social media, but i am gatekid3 everywhere, because my username is so weird i guess. But yeah, follow me everywhere