Grand Prix Ultima Volta

Published 2013-03-16

How To Play:

Steering - Arrow Keys or A, D
Toggle Quality - Q
Turn Rain effect On/Off - R

Overtake opponents by driving in the slipstream created by their cars. Just aim their rear light with your car's nose.

****The real challenge lures in the rain mode****

Just have a look to the instructions menu.

Hello Everyone,

this submission started as an experiment for a scripted racing something, but developed into a game over the last 18 months.

Imagine, it's the year 1992, you were coming home from school and booting up your 386 or high end 486 computer, just to play the latest F1 game.

Back in the 90s, I was a big fan of F1 and IndyCar.
Inspired by them and old racing games like the Grand Prix series, i made my own version.

The technique I used, is somewhat rare in this genre.
An on-rail racing game with dynamic player and AI.
Just like the old Megarace games.
Anyone remember these ?

Anyway, my technique is not the best for gameplay, because of the heavy limitations coming with it.
But I gave my very best to make something worth playing.

Well, enough talking, get in the seat of 15 different F1 cars of the 1992 season and fight for the win at monaco against the big names of the sport like Senna, Mansell & Schumacher.

Have fun in '92 and leave a comment :) Thank You !

Update August 22, 2013 - minor fixes