Zelda: Pokemon of Courage

Published 2007-03-17

EDIT: I uploaded this many years ago, and as of now, it no longer reflects my current skill level. However, I'll keep it up here. Keep it as a reminder of who i was years back and how much i have improved.


YEAH, 10,000 views, thank you everybody, I love you guys, even though I have no idea who you are.

Episode#1 "Navi Shut up".
After saving Hyrule for the 50th time, Link decides to put his sword aside and begin his new dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. But first he has to get a Pokemon, problem is he sleeps in and is left with one that has a dark secret within its heart.

1- Working on Ep.2, I am half way through making it.

2- I have just put up a newer version of the episode. Still no voices and I removed the deku nut intermission because people didn't like it and I started to dislike it. I changed it with a regular intermission screen. I also edited a few grammer errors. I changed the intro to be more serious instead of link screaming, and also changed my logo screen.