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रंगीला अहीरवाल

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About रंगीला अहीरवाल

New Haryanvi DJ song Hariyanvi dance video. रंगीला अहीरवाल. ladies wedding, cultural & Haryanvi Folk dances

I intend to showcase the rich cultural heritage and traditional values of North Indian states Haryana and Rajasthan . From my childhood I ever remained fond of natural and real beings. Majority of my content, you will find is non filmy and from rural background. The beautiful women who were deprived from expressing herself due to social untold restriction are now opening up specially in states like Haryana and Rajasthan which were known for their conservative approach. I belong to a community known 'Ahirwal' spreads across Rewari, Gurgaon, Mahandergarh districts of Haryana and some north Rajasthan state. I find Ahirwal has unique identity in Haryana and I wish to digitize its culture at youtube .This infect is a change in society emerging, in deed an inclusive growth.

For any promotional enquiry please write us at [email protected] 9377003164


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