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About Bria Barrows

Hey everyone and welcome to my channel! My name is Bria Barrows and I’m a believer, freelance writer, and mental health advocate from Toronto, Canada.

Here you will find content on faith, mental health, self-growth, advice for women and teens, career advice, and lifestyle/beauty reviews.

I created this channel to not only share my honest thoughts on issues some of us may struggle with but also to have a safe space to discuss certain topics without filters and judgment.

If you are a sensitive soul and a deep feeler, this channel is for you. I crave peace and ease, so I hope my channel can be that space for you.

Last, I have a passion for mental health and I aim to help destigmatize it in the black community.

Our journeys can often come with challenges, but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. I hope you enjoy my videos and leave feeling blessed. ♥️


Instagram:Bria B
Twitter: @bria_barrows
Email: [email protected]

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