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If you’re looking for all things Gen Z, you’re in the right place bestie! 🫶

Allegedly Speaking, the best podcast to ever podcast (trust us) is hosted by Louis Levanti and Dalia Chavez and features influencer interviews with your fav TikTokers, from Fannita to Shea Durazzo! They discuss the latest celebrity tea, influencer drama, hottakes, and more! ☕ If pranks and tiktok games are more your style, keep up with Parker Pannell as he goes behind the scenes of movie sets with your favorite actors and actresses! And don’t forget to check out Love ALLways, the first ever pansexual dating show where Gen Z singles compete for a chance at love with Lexi Paloma. 💖And we’ll sprinkle in some classic ATV reality moments (Next Influencer fans I’m looking at you 👀) on the channel as well. Subscribe to relive your favorite ATV eras!

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